Some comments from our patients...
On Labor Day weekend in 1998, a wreckless driver plowed into the rear passenger side of my Mercury Grand Marquis. It was a shock to me as my car spun 200+ feet down the highway. It was totalled but I thought I had escaped serious injury. But after weeks of pain primarily in my upper back, I realized that I had to do something. I knew Dr. Arthur Tripp of Traditional Chiropractic from a business organization we are both members of so I decided to call him. Over time he was able to relieve the pain and help me to return to a normal existence.

There are occasional flare-ups, but with regular visits to Dr. Tripp, these are controlled. Being a Real Estate Broker/Agent, I am on the go all the time with many hours of driving over four Coastal counties. I have to feel good and be free from pain. When I feel the twinge of a muscle spasm coming on, I call Dr. Tripp. He takes good care of me. I have learned that Chiropractic on a regular basis keeps all kinds of pain away and probably illnesses, too.

Dottie Lanier
Prudential Gardner, Realtors
Biloxi, MS

To any person needing chiropractic,

Over ten years ago, I visited a local chiropractor due to a back injury from an over swing on the golf course. This experience was the worst! The chiropractor treated me and the next day I could not move. For the next several weeks, I limped around while the injury finally healed on it's own with a great deal of rest and, no other activity. Needless to say, I was completely sworn off chiropractic for ever!

I have had the privilege of officiating college baseball for now more than 26 seasons. During the baseball season of 2004, my right shoulder began hurting virtually at all times. It was the worst while I simply stood in the field umpiring a baseball game. My shoulder would hurt so bad that I had to move it around while standing still. Simply put, it was unbearable!

While writing an insurance contract one day I saw Doctor Tripp's office. The pain drove me into his office to once more see what chiropractic could do for my shoulder. Doctor Tripp explained how the shoulder pain was resulting from a neck issue. He adjusted me over the next several weeks and as a result of his treatment and a periodic adjustment he has kept me pain free ever since. His treatment allows me to conduct my business, exercise daily and enjoy the game I love from behind the plate and in the field.

Instead of having to quit officiating college baseball, Doctor Tripp has extended my career and most importantly, my quality of life.

Thank you Doctor Tripp! You're awesome...

Dennis Mayfield
Divisional Sales Leader
Mid-West National Life
Licensed Agent: AL, GA, LA, MS, TN & TX

I am a very active person in my 50's. I have been going to Dr. Tripp for about 3 years . I have suffered with my back for 25 years and have not been able to get relief without a lot of medication until I started seeing him. I recommend to anyone who likes life without having to be in constant pain or a lot of medication to see Dr. Tripp.

Yours truly,
Mike LeBlanc
Long Beach, MS

Not only did I not believe in chiropractors, I really thought they were quacks; out to make a buck off someone's belief and their pain. Not until close to 2 years ago did that change. Doctor Tripp has corrected and eased my pain due to a car accident that physical therapy did not or could not. I'm certainly a believer now. Thanks Doc Tripp!"

Becky Norris
Long Beach, MS

I met Dr. Tripp 3 years ago. At that time I could hardly walk and was in great pain. Previous surgery left me in a lot of pain. I had fused disks at C4-5 and C5-6, and my life was pretty much over. Dr. Tripp helped me so much that I can walk again and my pain is much less. He is the only doctor that I see today, and the only one that I need to see. Thank you Dr. Tripp! You made a big difference in my life.

Mary Jelcic
Gulfport, MS

As a firefighter I put a lot of strain on my back. Not wanting to take pain medications, a friend suggested I try going to a chiropractor. Luckily, I found Dr. Tripp! He's a true professional, who cares for his patients. With adjustments, along with a couple of different exercises, pain I had for years disappeared. Thank you Dr. Tripp!!

Joe Martinelli
Biloxi, MS Fire Dept.

Okay, I am the webmaster for Doc Tripp and I just happen to be a patient as well. I'm reading these testimonies as I am working on this web page and feel like I would like to contribute some words as well. Like Becky Norris above, I really didn't believe in chiropractors. Not that I don't give a nod to "alternative medicine and methods" but I've heard some crazy things in my day you know. Well, if you are like I was - I urge you to consider one visit with Doc Tripp. He made an instant believer of me. I had been in an auto accident about 12 years before my first visit. I lived in pain for all of that time and had difficulty sleeping comfortably at night. In the mornings, I couldn't jump out of bed like normal folks - I had to roll out and try to stand up in the midst of pain. My first visit to the good doc was not of my own accord. I just happened to be in the office travelling around with another patient that day. Doc Tripp and I had bumped into each other before so we actually knew one another, just not professionally. He knew that I lived with a lot of pain and that day he asked if I would mind letting him give me an examination. I had nothing to lose, so I accepted. He immediately put his finger on two spots of pain without me first telling him where my pain was located. This really impressed me. He told me that I was way out of alignment and that it had been so long that my body thought it was normal. He said it would take a few visits but he thought he could straighten me out (no pun intended). Well, to make the story short - he did. It took several weeks but then the adjustments started to "hold." The end of this story is that I can sleep better and do not have to carry all that pain around like I used to. Are all chiropractors equal? You and I know better. I recommend Doc both as a person and as a professional. I really believe he is sincere in his desire for good health in all his patients. He has never rushed me through his office and spends whatever time is necessary. He comes from the "traditional school" of chiropractic philosophy and I have come to believe that this is the best treatment I could receive anywhere.

John Thomas Cripps
Converted Chiropractic Cynic

"For thousands of years professions that ministered to the sick disregarded the centrifugal or inside force (Innate Intelligence), and searched the heavens and earth in a vain attempt to externally find the cause of disease." -- B.J. Palmer, 1949

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint." -- Mark Twain

"It's no longer a question of staying healthy. It's a question of finding a sickness you like." -- Jackie Mason

"Health is not simply the absence of sickness." -- Hannah Green